lactose- and fructose-free baking

Basically, my whole life I've been lactose intolerant and due to all the food-realted amentities - like lactose free milk, cream, butter, cream cheese - I could live very well with it. However, when I was also diagnosed with fructose malabsorption a few years ago, that was a real setback. It took such a long time to find out what I can eat and what I can't - and up to this day I'm still working on it - and to actually find cake recipes that don't end up burnt (dextrose easily turns black) or sloppy.

I thought I'd set up this sweet little corner to collect all the recipes and experiences.

Questions? Contact me at:

1. Chocolate cake: this is one of my favourites so far. Very chocolatey, very yummy and freezes well!




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